making spaces colorful and happy since 2010

Hi there!  My name is Sharon Segal and I’m a Florida-based artist who loves to make people smile with my artwork.  Right now, my full-time gig is teaching 6th grade math.
(I know…I’m crazy!)  What can I say…trying to make a difference in the world!  In my spare time, I participate in as many of the local art shows and festivals in the area that I can.  Eventually, I would like to focus more on my art…definitely my first passion.

I started taking my art more seriously back in 2010.  I happened to be reading this local magazine that was promoting a signature artist competition.  So I decided to enter and won!  This was so exciting because my painting was chosen to be on all of the art festival’s advertising, including the festival’s posters, t-shirts, and even hats!

…and that’s really how all of this started…

Funny though that my style has already completely changed since those days.  My style was more abstract using shapes and bright colors.  Now, my artwork is more whimsical, painting mostly animals (love owls) using various mediums and textures.  I always loved baby animals as a kid and could not start the day without my Saturday morning cartoons.  I think those two things merged together to help me create my whimsical and unconventional cartoon creatures, with their extremely large eyes.  They just make you smile!

I couldn’t finish an about page without including these two!  They play a tremendous part in helping me make all of this happen!